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Cosblog and MORE!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 29, 2013, 3:36 PM

Pax East!

We attended PAX East 2013 last weekend! We debuted our newest costumes from Dishonored, and had an all around blast.
You can read all about our experience on our new Cosblog!

Which is the next news! We have added a Cosblog to our Website! It will be our new place for posting about convention experiences, tutorials, and W.I.P!

That way we aren't cluttering our Tumblr, Facebook, or here at our DA. :D

More Updates!

Our prints are still on sale! But get them now, because we will be closing our  Print shop on April 15th!! due to us being apart.

Also, if you aren't following us on Tumblr you should be! We'll be doing a giveaway of some prints, some Dishonored Bone Charms, and more swag soon!

Future Plans!

Our new Convention schedule is as planned...

Sylar will be heading to Phoenix Comic Con and hosting panels! Sheila however, will not be attending.

We both are headed for San Diego Comic Con this year, and bringing our biggest newest costumes!

Anime Expo and Anime Boston we are currently NOT attending. It's a bit too expensive for us at the moment.

So look forward to all our upcoming cosplays and photo shoots! As well as more, small costumes. Like Fiora's school teacher skin, Korra from Season 2, and some other secret projects.

We Have New Youtube Videos Up!

We had A TON of livestreams in our cosplays last year, and are currently converting all the highlights to our youtube channel. So go check them out!

We also have a ton of other videos recorded. Including Sylar's voice impressions, makeup tutorials, The Boyfriend Does My Makeup video, and more that will be posted within the month.

So there's a lot of projects coming your way guys!

Thanks for continuing to +watch us!! We appreciate all the support!

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Meet Us At Anime Expo!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2012, 2:56 PM

:star:Anime Expo is Coming!
And we'll be there all weekend!!

Here's what our lineup will look like!

Are any of you going!?

And if you would like to meet up with us, we made a Facebook Event for everyone who would like to get together and have lunch with us on Saturday! We'll be meeting at 1:00pm outside the main entrance lobby.

Most likely we'll be heading to Dennys, so hit us up and have lunch with us! We'd love to meet you guys!

And in the meantime we hope you guys enjoy more of our Tahno & Korra photoshoot that we will be uploading!

See you at Anime Expo!!

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Up and Coming! News and PAX/AB Review!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 20, 2012, 1:25 PM

:star:PAX East & Anime Boston

Just a quick review from PAX East and Anime Boston -- it was fabulous!

Friday was spent at the Bioware base with my beautiful Dragon Age & Mass Effect cosplay family. Who were fun and inspiring as always! Shout outs to subitoallegra, kristinkat, weirdtakoyaki, Olivias-Atelier, (and my new Candian friends whose DA I don't have, Alex & Kyle!). Also -- Kevin & Tracy, Cole, and all you Mass Effect guys inspiring me!

And thanks to SoulFirePhotography who took a stunning shoot of my Hawke!
Dragon Age - Hawke Legacy by Aicosu

She has tons more shots on her DA so be sure to check them out and see her other stuff!

Anime Boston wad phenominal as well! Not only because of hanging out with great friends, but because a lot of you watchers and follower came to say hello!

Thanks to each and every one of you! You are all so sweet and shy! :heart: Next time have some lunch with me and we can chat and become friends!

Also, a shout out to :icongingerannelondon: and :iconicequeenserenity: It was an absolute pleasure talking to and meeting you both! And I am excited to get together with you more intentionally! Perhaps a few shoots together? :D

:star:Features & News

As you guys know, Sheila won the CosplayGen & Mikubook contest last month!

Well keep a look out for CosplayGen Issue #5! (pre-order now!) She will be featured in her winning Append costume with a short interview!

Hatsune Miku Append - Solid by Aicosu

In other featured news... Sheila was featured on Kotaku in 3 articles and on Nerd Appropriate this month from PAX weekend!

You can head over to our website to see these features, our new photoshoots, our new costumes and way way more!

Our website has also been reconstructed & updated!

:star:Upcoming Conventions & Costumes!

We will both we attending Phoenix Comicon 2012! And this is what our schedule looks like so far!

Friday: Durarara! (Celty & Shinra) & Mawaru Penguindrum (Himaari & Sanetoshi)
Saturday: Nightingale Armor (Karliah from Skyrim) & young Grell Sutcliff (from the Kuroshitsuji OVA)
Sunday: Secret costumes!

We are still planning to go to Anime Expo 2012 BUT... SDCC 2012 is canceled for us!

Unfortunately Sheila is Maid of Honor at her best friend's wedding, and needs to be at the Wedding location that weekend!

But that means we may be heading to PAX Prime, or Otakon, or Dragoncon or Sabotencon...

:star:Our Subscription!

A giant thank you and lots of love to :iconsamhainophilia: who bought us this month's subscription! All our work this month is sponsored by her -- so be sure to head over to her DeviantArt and give her some attention!

She does some amazing photo manips and dollwork!

And always, you can find us at Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, and More on the sidebar links.


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1st Place Winners!

:star: Sheila won 1st Place in the CosplayGen and Mikubook contest!!…
:star: Sylar won 1st Place in the Cosplay Wigs USA contest!!

That's right, we both placed first in our prospective contests!!  And it is all thanks to YOU GUYS!  Sure we made the costumes and what not, but we both know that we wouldn't have gotten anywhere without you guys.

:heart: SO THANK YOU! :heart:
Thank you all so much! For all the votes, re-votes, reblogs, favorites, tweets, posts, tags and more. It was you guys that made it happen.

In celebration and in gratitude, Sheila made a video of her Miku, dancing like a maniac. Feel free to watch her appreciation and excitement via her humiliation. XD

As another thank you of course, we are planning another Grell Photoshoot just for you guys! With some more Grell pictures to be uploaded as well while you wait.

The suggestions for which Miku should do next were tied between Senbonzakura Miku & Yellow Miku!  So let us know in the comments below which of those two you want to see Sheila cosplay!

PAX East & Anime Boston Update!

Just a quick change of plans guys -- Sheila will be attending both PAX East and Anime Boston this year, but they take place during the same time so...

She will be attending PAX East FRIDAY ONLY. She will be Champion Mage Hawke and looking to attend the DA2 panel.

Then she will be attending Anime Boston SATURDAY ONLY. She'll be debuting her Racing Queen Miku with no current plans. Just wandering the con!

She won't be in Boston for Sunday.So if you want to come meet/see/take picture of/with Sheila, plan accordingly and let us know in the comments below! She can work out a schedule for you!


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Only THREE Days Left!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 11, 2012, 1:44 PM

An Update on the Contests front!!

Hey everyone we still need your help! There's still three days left for the CosplayWigs Contest!

Hey watchers! We both entered a Cosplay Contest and we could use your help to win!

The contest is hosted by Cosplay Wigs and the prizes would include winning new wigs, so we can cosplay more characters!

Vote for Sheila's Append Miku!

And Vote for Sylar's Mephisto cosplay here!

And if you can reblog/share/retweet our entries, we would be super grateful!!

:star:We agreed that if we win, we would do a photoshoot or cosplay of our watches choice! So if you guys vote, please comment below suggestions of a photoshoot you would like to see!  More Ulquihime? More Dragon Age? More Grell? Let us know! :star:

So far a Grell Photoshoot is winning!

And thank you guys so much, we could use all the support we can and we know we can count on you!

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Checking In! Plans for the Future!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 28, 2012, 11:11 AM

Well! It certainly has been some time since we made a proper journal.

First off, we want to give a big shout out to all 2,586 of you!!

Seriously guys, thank you so much for all the +watch's and +fav's!! This past year has been utterly amazing for us and it is really thanks to all the support and love we have been getting!

So thank you!! We truly appreciate it!

:star:Social News

In some general status news... We now have a website!

And we would truly appreciate it if  you guys could check out! Let us know what you think. Too confusing? Can't find something? Anything you think we should add? See any typos? Please, please let us know!!

The new website also marks a few changes... Sheila will no longer be accepting commissions via DeviantArt notes.  We have found that we hardly check DA, and when we do it's always on very late terms, which isn't fair to you guys. All commissions will only be accepted if they are formed via EMAIL.

All of that information you can find on the commission section of our website.

:star:Convention News!

Sheila will be attending Anime Boston 2012! She will be appearing on friday, as Racing Queen Hatsune Miku.  And on Saturday she will be heading across town to PAX EAST!

We will both we attending Phoenix Comicon 2012. Or at least we are currently planning on it. We will both be bringing out our Durarara!! costumes for some events.

Anime Expo 2012 & SDCC 2012 are also planned!

We have been getting  a lot of requests to appear at various conventions. We would LOVE to appear at all of them, but finances get expensive when convention traveling.

If you want us to appear at your local conventions, email that convention and send them our booking page from out website. Ask for us to be your cosplay guest!

And always, you can find us at Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, and More on the sidebar links.


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New York Comic Con!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 13, 2011, 10:56 AM


Come meet Sheila!!!!!!

I will be there Saturday and Sunday!

Mostly I'll just be wandering around trying to buy stuff and taking pictures -- but I will be cosplaying Hawke finery all weekend. 


I want to meet you guys and take picturessss!!!!! I'll also be with SubitoAllegra/Isabella that weekend so you can meet us both!

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Post SDCC Video Review!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 30, 2011, 9:28 PM

San Diego ComicCon Review!

:star: Check out our other new videos! :star:

Other Upcoming News!

Well con season is just about over for us. As of right now, we do not have plans to go to any new conventions. (Sylar will be attending Saboten 2011, but he will attend it alone to represent us.) We are of course, still cosplaying and taking photos.

Things to look out for!

-Sheila's Commissions! (lots of them)
-PORTAL GUNS  (theres a project sheila is working on, and there may be some Portal guns for sale or for free!)

-As stated in the video, we have a very big Dragon Age project coming up and we are going to need people. More information will come out about that when it can, but if your interested in being apart of a Dragon Age cosplay group... please keep a look out.

As always, our tumblr is always active. But now we also have a Twitter! and a Livejournal. Though... we are having troubles with livejournal.

Hope your enjoying your watch! We'll come at you with more stuff later!

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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 10, 2011, 11:06 PM

Current Commission Schedule:
•Female Boba Fett - sugargeek
•Hope Esthiem's Airwing- ~TheMaximousse
•Male Mage Champion Hawke & Isabella - 卣原田
•Erol/Jak and Daxter

There should be an opening around January 2012.


If you have sent in a request for a commission and have no received a consultation response - don't worry! You have priority over new requests. If a commission drops, or is finished, you will be first in line.

:star:Please be sure to read all the information below before commissioning me!:star:

Commissioner Status:
My three spots for commissions are currently full and theres a few on a waiting list. But if your only looking for a qoute on price, go ahead and send in a note or email and I can give you one, and an estimated date of when I will be open to your commission.

How it Works:
First, you have to send in a Deviantart note or an email to with the below information;

•Email Address
•When you need your cosplay/prop/etc
•Your Zip code (to calculate shipping costs)

•What cosplay/prop you want
•Description of the Prop
•Reference images (links are okay too)
•Is this for a convention? (this is a question of durability)

•Measurements/Height (I need your measurements for cosplays, but if you only want a prop I need your height regardless)
•Any other specific information you think I should know

After your sent in request, you will receive a response consultation. This will include a quote for the supply cost, how long it will take to make, how exactly I will make it, and the total price for everything and shipping. I will also make any inquires at that time.

Finally, you have the last response for the green light for me to get started.

The Process:
I want to make sure you are involved as possible in my creation process. I will have a tumblr linked to you (…) where you can see the progress of the prop as I work on it. We will also be in contact the whole time to ensure satisfaction!

Paypal only!

Every cosplay or prop varies on price!

For example, a Celty helmet would cost about $80 whereas an Arrancar mask is only $40. And full blown costumes like Dragon Age costume, would cost around $400 or more. You will receive a price quote in your consultation response.

I require a two part payment!
•The first part is before I begin building! I will need the supply payment before I begin, so I may buy supplies! I can not start unless otherwise stated.

•The second part is the final payment, after the costume is done, for my time and effort in making the commission. This will also include the shipping costs. Your item/cosplay will not ship until this payment it made! After that I will ship your item and give you any tracking information!

Please not that bigger costumes -- such as a Dragon Age costume may require a third 'halfway' payment. For any supplies needed during the in progress stage.

The only costume I refuse to make is a female Mage Champion Hawke (male version accepted) and a Fenris costume. Sorry guys! But they are our marketing costumes and we are competing in them! Please check back after the 25th because this limitation WILL CHANGE.

If you have any other questions, please ask in this journal and check out our gallery for examples of my work!!

PCC - AX - SDCC Updates

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 28, 2011, 12:03 AM

About  Phoenix Comicon

We know we did not update you guys with a post-pcc journal, so we will take the time to do a small one now!

We cosplayed as Fenris and Hawke all weekend long, to test out the costumes. We learned alot and IMPROVED ALOT. Ended up restyling the Fenris wig, adding fur to Hawke's belt and reattaching all our armor properly. These costumes are now fool proof!

Our costumes at PCC...

Dragon Age II - Kirkwall Days by Aicosu
Our improved costumes...

:star: Big shout out to everyone who attend our Cosplay Culture & our Cosplay Makeup 101 panels on Friday and Staurday!:star:

It was phenomenal because of YOU GUYS! We were unprepared and went completely off topic, but everyone really enjoyed themselves and they swiped us clean of business cards!
If your interested... here's a video of our Cosplay Cultures panel. Much smaller than the makeup panel on Sunday, as it was early friday morning:…

:star:We won best in Novice in the Masquerade!:star:

Fenris holding our certificate at the hotel room

We entered the Masquerade this year having only been in one before and won for the first time ever!

Click here to see our Masquerade performance!

All in all, we LOVED PCC. We could go on and on, but we have much more to update you on!

About Anime Expo!

Anime Expo is THIS FRIDAY!

Can you believe it!? Its INSANE!

Here's what our line up looks this weekend:

       •Friday: Sheila as Azula - Avatar the Last Airbender with Sheila's brother as Zuko. and Sylar as Grell Sutcliff - Kuroshitsuji
       •Saturday: Hawke and Fenris - Dragon Age
       •Sunday: Sheila as Hatsune Miku APPEND - Vocaloid and Sylar as Hazama - Blazblue
       •Monday: Reaver & the Hero Queen - Fable III

We plan on putting out tons of pictures once our weekend is over and maybe a bunch of videos as well?


About San Diego Comicon!


Bioware announced their first annual Bioware inspired Costume Contest on July 22nd at the Hilton Gaslamp hotel during San Diego Comicon! (…) So we have decided to pack up our Dragon Age costumes again and see if we can stand a chance and strut our stuff.

If you are going to Comicon, let us know! It will be our first year and although we don't have passes, we will we around and about for two days, competing in this event!

We are excited and looking forward to it!

Other Updates!

We put out some photos of our big Vocaloid Canteralla Photoshoot with BanzaiProductions and we will be releasing a few more. We also starred in a video of theirs which should be on youtube at some time. Link for that coming at you later. ;D

If you want to meet up with us at AX or SDCC -- message us!!!

AS ALWAYS, you can get more frequent and in depth updates from us on our facebook and tumblr (links in the sidebar). Including all our progress pictures for our upcoming new costumes for Anime Expo.


We have long since been too busy with our own costumes to think about commissions.... But SDCC marks one of the last conventions we will be going to for awhile. While we will continue to cosplay, conventions will be few and far between. So COMMISSIONS WILL BE OPEN. A journal of pricing and process will come to you then... BUT KEEP YOUR EYES OUT. Because only so many slots will be open at one time (maybe only 3 projects at a time, so the early bird gets the worm).

See you guys after Con Season!

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Dragons and Phoenix Comicon

Journal Entry: Thu May 26, 2011, 10:42 AM

So who of our followers are going to PCC? You better come say hello!!

We will be gone all weekend attending Phoenix Comicon, and wanted to put a journal to let anyone know whose going (and interested) to what we will be doing and what panels we are hosting...

Phoenix Comicon Cosplay Lineup

Friday, Saturday and Sunday of PCC:

Hawke and Fenris from Dragon Age II

And now Sylar can finally debut Fenris!

Yep we'll be doing them all weekend! Mainly because we want to test them out to make sure they hold up well for Anime Expo in July. But also, because we are super excited for them and want to be badass all weekend.

We will be sure to get tons of pictures and throw in a shoot. Plus, sheila is determined to film everything at this con.

(nope, not attending Thursday)

Our PCC Panels

We have two panels this year, come by and take a peek if you want. We are sure to stray off topic and goof around like crazy. :/

The Cultures of Cosplay Friday: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: 227C
[Costuming] Location: 227C

Ever wonder what Cosplay is like in Japan, Russia or England? Why the Japanese are the best Cosplayers out there? Or why Cosplay in America is so strict? Join us as we talk about how Cosplay is different everywhere.

Cosplay Makeup 101 Sunday: 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Location: 229A
[Costuming]  Location: 229A

Come by and learn all about Cosplay makeup! From colored eyebrows, to foundations and wig care, we’ll teach you all the basics to help your Cosplay looks be beautiful!

If you are going please say hello! We love hearing from you guys and we are never too busy for you! And if your not going, we promise tons of pictures and videos from the con and of our costumes!

See you there Serrah

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For Sale!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 19, 2011, 8:12 AM

:star: Costumes, Wigs, Props and more -- that we are selling! :star:

For Sale!

Hey everyone! Watchers, linkers or those interested!

We have a lot of things planned for the new year, and other things retired! So listen up for the things listed below that are for sale! Anything you are interested in purchasing you can pm us about or email us at Unless we know you personally, the only option of payment would be paypal. Sorry!

Okay so!

Maylene's Wig - Kuroshitsuji

  • $38 bucks!Including shipping!
    • Worn only once
      • The cheapest you'll find elsewhere is around 45 bucks!
        • Great quality -- I ADORE this wig, but I will not be cosplaying Maylene again!

Tsumugi Kotobuki - Blonde Wig|

  • $30 bucks!Including shipping!
    • Worn only 3 times
      • The cheapest you'll find elsewhere is around 40 bucks!
        • Once again, I love this wig as well. Its curls are gorgeous and the color is so natural. It brushes easy and has a great bounce -- its perfect was multi styling and handling!

Lelouch Vi Britannia's Emperor Costume!
Requiem Thoughts by Aicosu
  • $100 bucks!
    • Includes; Pants, undershirt, over robe, shoulder capes, belt, and hat!
      • Dry cleaned -- no tears or stains!
        • Originally bought at $200 bucks!
          • Size small!

All prices listed are NEGOTIABLE! ;D

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Late Con-Nichiwa Review!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 19, 2011, 8:01 AM

A very late indeed review of ConNichiwa 2011 as well as a few updates on future cosplays and cosplay videos.

:bulletred:Warning, Image Heavy!:bulletred:

ConNichiwa Review!


Friday was the arrival day, and pretty much that was it. XD ConNichiwa is a smaller con, so we didn't plan to go to any programming (not that we do usually.) We ran a Code Geass panel with :iconlulukohime: and dressed accordingly as Shirley and Lelouch. The panel ran smoothly, but it was a bit unfortunate that it had been scheduled soooo early on the first day.

We had tons of things to do to get ready for saturday, so we pretty much hit the con casual after the panel and spent the day running errands.
Our casual is usually pretty fancy


Saturday was the hit day! As apart of Kissu Cafes, we were in the Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Cafe and it was amazing! Sylar was on the entertaining side as Grell Sutcliff, and Sheila served guests as Maylene (or she tried to).  This was hands down our favorite and most succesful Cosplay Cafes! We got to work with the best cast! And our guests were just excited as we were.

Some of the cast taking pictures with a guest dressed as Ranmao

BIG shoutout to :iconbanzaiproductions: (claude, alois, undertaker, finnian)  :iconjounink: (prince soma) :iconremnantninjas: (sebastian) :icondahowbbit: (Ciel) and :iconelectric-lady: (madam red). It was a phenominal cafe because of you guys!

Sylar's Grell was a big hit!

There isn't many pictures of Sheila's Maylene since she was working, but you can spot her behind the gorgeous Madam Red.

After the cafe was the character auction, where guests were allowed to bid on characters for some fun private hours at the convention! ;)

All the characters at the auction.

Sylar got sold to a Panty cosplayer! Big shout out to CJ!! We took a thank you photo with your panties during a shoot!

Grell getting cozy with his buyer, Panty ;D


After we settled down with the aftermath of the cafe, we hit the Masquerade to watch some friends holds some skit. Somewhere in there, during intermission Sylar ended up in a dance of with Yuhki (Zack Fair). But we have yet to run into an videos of the event. XD

Red and Grell pose during the Masquerade.


Saturday was kind of a lazy day for us. We got dressed in Celty and Shinra for a small photoshoot with friends, and kind of just milled about until checkout and return to Phoenix. :)

Celty and :iconzhonaluz: F!Shizuo ponder things. <3

School boys!

So all in all ConNichiwa went over well. Well... the convention itself, we did not like. The programming and security and staff.... left us feeling a bit lack luster. But our weekend was made by all th amazing people we ran into! If you spoke to us during the con, most likely you made our weekend!

Another extra shout out to :iconamarasama: :iconhikarininjasx: and :iconautumnfallen:! You know what you did!

Other Updates

In other news, those of you following us on Tumblr or facebook know of our progress with our Dragon Age II cosplays. From here on until July, we may not be going to many conventions, since we need to work hard on the big plans for Anime Expo (and save money). Photoshoots may be hard to come by, but we promise it will all be worth it when we can wow our watchers!

As always, please join us on those sites! We love hearing from you guys, and we often ask opinions on the cosplay process!

Also as you know, we've release some Cosplay Videos on our youtube! Including some teasers or Sylar's Grell! Don't forget to check them out!

Grell Makeup Video
Grell Crack video
Grell Showcase

We want to do more videos in the future, but once again we are quite busy with big costumes! We will definitely keep you guys updated!

Featured Deviations

In honor of our coming Dragon Age II cosplays, we will share some of the costumes we've been admiring from the series!

Leliana Test 1 by Xavietta Witch Gone Wild by stravalon Dragon Age:Origins-Assassin by love-squad Dragon Age 2: Flemeth 3 by AmazonMandy

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Aicosu Fanpage and More

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 23, 2011, 6:41 PM

:star: Just wanted you guys to know we updated the link bar!! Aicosu has a facebook fan page now! So you can keep better track of us if you don't have a twiitter or tumblr!(Which we also have). :star:

So here we go! A rundown of our links! And places you can find us!

For those of you who friended us on facebook... You might want to like our fanpage, because we will be cleaning up our facebook from the people we have not met personally!!

In other news!

:bulletyellow: Sylar will be attending SABOTEN 2011! He will be there all weekend, (though sheila will not be) please say hello if you can! He will be cosplaying Mephisto Pheles from Blue Exorcist all weekend!

:bulletyellow: Sheila will be attending New York Comic Con 2011!  She will be meeting up with her Isabella from our Dragon Age cosplay group!! Come meet them and say hello! She will be cosplaying Marian Hawke in Finery all weekend. (All her armor is in Arizona!)

Hope to see some of you there!!!

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We're Talking Bout' TAIYOUCON!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 12, 2011, 9:01 PM

:bulletred:Warning, Image Heavy!:bulletred:

This is our overview of Taiyou-Con 2011! And some updates on Sheila's Kissu Cosplay Cafes!

Saboten 2010 Report

Phew!! This conventions was one busy convention! Never had we felt like we had so many things to do in so little time! Inside and outside the cafe, we were all over the place with things that needed our attention!

Despite our crazy weekend (and Sheila catching a retched fever) we had a faaannntaastic time!


Friday was the day of Kissu Cosplay Cafe's K-ON! Tea Time! Sheila, being one of the runner/owners of Kissu Cafe's and the resident Tsumugi Kotobuki -- was in character all day helping setup and preforming! Sylar was cosplaying Mashiro from Bakuman, and sold tickets at the doors to the Cafe!

dahowbbit on the left as Ristu, Sheila in the middle as Mugi, and Our friend Jessica Nigri as Sawako-sensei on the right!

The cafe took up almost all our time friday. After the cafe rounds, there was a 'live' preformance!

Rinia-Temine as Yui, electric-lady as Mio, and MisChibiOus as Azunyan!

Here's a video of some of the preformance! You can see Sheila 'rockin' it out and Sylar dancing like Johnny Bravo. :iconmonkeychuckleplz:


Saturday we got up early and halfway dressed as Neko Hatsune Miku and Neko Kaito from the Vocaloid Project Diva video games! Sheila had her Makeup 101 panel, and a Makeup Help Panel that she ran with :iconlulukohime:

Sylar helping his Miku with her wig <3

We weren't around a lot on Saturday, we had to leave to take care of some non-convention business. So we didn't get very many pictures! But we came back dressed fancy to watch the Masquerade and go out to eat with friends.



On Sunday we actually got dressed up as Arrancar Orihime and Ulquiorra -- but we can't show those pictures to you just yet! They were a shoot for Rusky-Boz contest so we can't release them until the entry date!

But you can have this great photo of us goofin around!

AHAHA!! Well, we also changed out and walked around casually, Sheila bought some stuff from the artist alley and we hung out with our favorite people from AX.

Don't we look suspicious here?

OH! And finally! We recieved the most ADORABLE gifts from our watcher and kiriban winner :star::iconautumnfallen::star: (whose icon is also amazingly cute).


Its papermate Orihime and Ulquiorra! Sylar and I were arguing about who got to keep who and where! XD But we truly love them, Thanks soooooo much!!! :heart:

Kissu Cafes

So as you guys know, Sheila is apart of Kissu Cosplay Cafe's with her girls dahowbbit and electric-lady well the very next Cosplay Cafe is for Connichiwa 2011 and the theme is Kuroshitsuji!

Sylar will be Grell Sutcliff and Sheila will be Maylene...

But Kissu Cafes STILL has a ton of positions open! So audition if your interested! Theres a lot of great characters still needed!


Featured Cosplayer
This month we are featuring another local cosplayer and friend of ours :iconozthenekomaster:! Oz is amazingly talented at detailed costumes and dynamic photoshoots! They put really great spice into all their characters and did we talk about how much we adore their photo angles!? Check them out and their cosplay group :iconbanzaiproductions:

The Sin of My Existence by OztheNekoMasterLord Phantomhive by OztheNekoMasterWarm Relaxation by OztheNekoMaster

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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 22, 2010, 11:13 AM

Upcoming Kirban!


Keep an eye out for the next Kiriban!
:star:15,000 pageviews!:star:

Remember, to catch the Kiriban, you have to send us a pm with a screen shot (link please) of the Kiriban!

What do I get?
  • A cosplay photo, of any of our characters, in an idea/concept/pose of your choosing!
    • We can be together or seperate, but remember we live far apart at times so please be understanding if your idea is too difficult!
      • Please be mindful of appropriate themes and how difficult some ideas may be!

We will pm you back about your idea and what we can do for you!

Happy page hunting!

Past Kiribans

:star: 5,000 Kiriban given to TI3RU

:star: 10,000 Kiriban given to Autumnfallen and dragonairmoonrace in one amazing, down to the very second of pm tie!!
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Saboten 2010 NYAF 2010!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 16, 2010, 12:29 AM

:bulletred:Warning, Image Heavy!:bulletred:

This is our overview of Saboten 2010! And Sheila's review of the New York Anime Fest and Comicon!

Saboten 2010 Report

This convention was pretty much Flawless!

This had to be one of our favorite cons. So much fun, so much cosplay, so much epic--we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Thursday, we reunited for the first time in Two months, and spent the night putting finishing touches on a the last cosplay of the weekend. We went to bed happy, and woke up super early for staff meetings (sheila wasin charge of the Cosplay Cafe with her Kissu girls)!


The first day, Friday, was one of our favorites. Be Debuted our Cantarella cosplays! So much time and detail went into these outfits, it was rewarding to actually wear them.


Friday was filled with pictures and compliments, and we were so thankful that everyone seemed to like our outfits for the day! Some of our friends would get frustrated as we got stopped so much (sorry marc!). Friday ended with the both of us smiling for a camera before heading home to some Blazblue and GOOD FOOD.


Vocaloid Cafe by electric-lady
Saturday had to be the biggest day of the weekend for us. Dressed in our Sandplay costumes, we we a part of the Vocaloid Cafe which sheila organized with dahowbbit and electric-lady. We were there early in the morning, setting up tables and organizing the event before opening the door to all our guests.


The cafe was great, so many smiles and so much happiness everywhere! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and our in-character company. Three hours of greeting, eating, and laughing with fans and friends.


When the character auction came around, following the successful raffle of course, we were both shocked when we both sold for so much. Sheila for 80 and Sylar for 170! We were escorted around by our individuals buyers, and both had a blast. Reunited after an hour apart, they rushed off to get ready for the masquerade

Sheila with her buyer who also bought electric-lady as Luka!

Sylar posing for his buyer XD

Sylar's buyer made him confess his love for Miku as Kaito!

We were entry number 31 in the Masquerade. We danced, sang and kissed to Cantarella! It was our first ever masquerade and we didn't know what we were going to do until we walked on stage! Unfortunately, we did not win anything, but had a blast regardless!


You can see the video here!… Thank you HikariNinjaX so much for the recording!!!


Sunday, the final day of the weekend, we debuted yet ANOTHER cosplay. Sheila as Miracle Paint Miku and Sylar as Imitation Black Kaito. Sheila turned heads with long legs and cute little dances, singing songs along the way. Sylar stunned the ladies by playin' his guitar and posing like a rock star.



We chilled with friends and made out like stars that weekend! We ended with weekend with each other, sitting and enjoying aicosu love before Sheila returned to Rhode Island the following day. :heart:

All in all, this was an incredible weekend, and we always enjoy Saboten Conventions!

New York Anime Fest 2010 Report

Sheila here!

The weekend after Saboten, I returned to the convention scene and decided to take up the chance to go to the New York Anime Fest and Comicon! I cosplayed as a new Project Diva Hatsune Miku!


I was only there all day Saturday, after a long bus ride from Rhode Island to New York. It was weird being at a convention alone for the first time since I started dating Sylar, and I admit pretty lonely! Dunno If I like it too much! But I had fun anyway. I met alot of great east coast cosplayers and had fun relaxing and enjoying conventions from a fan perspective!

Here are some highlights!


Square Enix was there demoing FFXI -- I played for like a complete hour and a half or so!


This Ragna was completely in character -- I was so thrilled he took pictures with me, his costume was phenominal! We look super creepy in this picture though...


I bought this adorable Miku Plush -- completeing my costume! You can see more picture from NYAF (and Saboten) on our Facebooks! (links on the side bars :3)

All in all NYAF was pretty big, as it had been merged with NYCC and from what I experienced it was a pretty great convention. Maybe not the spot for cosplay, and the fans were kinda mixed (WAY more NYCCers than anime nerds). Maybe next time I can go back with Sylar. :heart:


Featured Cosplayers
Instead of having an amazing featured cosplayer this time around, we decided to share a fantastic Cosplay Montage by Acksonl! He does some AMAZING Videos at conventions. Hopefully one day we will be able to star in one! Here's his latest from NYAF:

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Cosmode and Cafes!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 8, 2010, 7:31 PM

:star: Some updates from Aicosu! Great news about great things! :star:



In COSMODE (Japan's number one Cosplay Magazine) Issue 34 -- Cosmode covered Anime Expo in Los Angeles as part of their 'Over-Seas Cosplay' Section!

:heart:AND WE GOT FEATURED!:heart:


After finding out this news we ordered ourselves a copy! We were so psyched and pleased, it really put the icing on the cake for our amazing Anime Expo Experience.

:star:Other Cosplay News:star:

We have officially finished all of our Cosplay costumes for Saboten 2010! We are all set and ready to go and hope to see all of you there! (we signed up for our first masquerade! wish us luck!)

Before then, Sheila may have some new Hatsune Miku photoshoots planned, and after Sabo we will be hard at work on new cosplays -- including our big ones for Anime Expo 2011.

Vocaloid Cosplay Cafe

If you haven't heard, Sheila and our cosplay friends dahowbbit, and electric-lady, have formed Kissu Cafes!

A trio team that organizes and runs Cosplay Cafes at conventions. Kind of like a maid cafe -- but with hosts in character and costume that entertain guests at the tables while waiters serve food and drinks!

You can come see Kissu Cafe's first Cosplay Cafe at Saboten 2010! With the theme of Vocaloid!

Sheila will be hosting as Hatsune Miku and Sylar as Kaito! You can even buy us at the character auction!


Tickets are now being sold online Here.

And the Facebook Event Page can be found Here.

Hope to see you there!

Featured Cosplayers

This issue's featured cosplayer is :icongreyfinch:! They's costumes are intense and beautiful -- with amazing detail and precision to the original character. With amazing photos and wonderful expression in every one of them -- they were an easy choice!

Hangover by GreyFinchLord Dio... by GreyFinchHeron at Heart by GreyFinch

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Making Up!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 30, 2010, 9:21 AM

Our summer is still in high swing and we're having fun! How about you?

Anyway -- here's some updates from us and request for help from you!


We've just finished photo shooting some new costumes! And we'd like to give out a big shout out to everyone who commented, favorited, and the new watchers!

Here are our favorites from the weekend...
Fenette's Smile by AicosuBleach - In My Hands by AicosuAshford's Prince by Aicosu

We've settled down a bit, and took a rest from the weekend and planned out our cosplays for the next year or so. (At least until Expo 2011) Losta Vocaloid guys! Hope you enjoy it!

Our next shoots won't be for awhile, but bear with us while we prepare for bigger convention plans, like our Vocaloid Cosplay Cafe for Saboten 2010!

Cosplay Makeup 101

Sheila has always wanted to run a Cosplay Makeup 101 panel at a convention, and now she finally has the chance to this weekend at Animeland Tucon!

It's a fairly small convention, but it'll be a great chance to test out running a panel -- and learn so hopefully we can do it for Saboten 2010 as well. :D

:star:But we need your help!
If you wanted to know anything about Makeup or Cosplay Makeup -- what would it be?

Answering will give us a chance to understand what we need to talk about!

Featured Cosplayers

:icon0hagaren0: is one of the best cosplayers out there -- one we truly admire. She's our favorite Lelouch, our favorite Edward -- our favoriet anything she does! Her costumes are flawless, makeup delicate and beautiful and her photos completely stunning! Please check out her works! They deserved to be awed!

Edward Elric 3 by 0hagaren0Gundam Wing Heero 3 by 0hagaren0Mononoke Hime Ashitaka by 0hagaren0
Hope to see you there!

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Anime Expo 2010 Report!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 9, 2010, 11:10 PM

:bulletred:WARNING! SUPER IMAGE HEAVY! :bulletred:
AX Report

A thousand and one words to describe how incredible of an experience this years, and our first, Anime Expo was. That's right, this was our first Expo and it was amazing! We were so excited and anxious for this convention, and we were happily surprised when it turned out to be so much better than we could have even imagined. We don't even know where to start!

Oerba Yun Fang by Aicosu

This was a great day, not as good as the others (little did we know), but still wonderful. After some difficulty with Fang's lance, we managed to start the day off right by debuting Sylar's Hiccup cosplay(note – we don't have any pictures of this, if you have on let us know!) from How To Train Your Dragon.
Our only picture of Sylar's Hiccup -- getting ready in the hotel.

Sheila met up with a friend of ours, John McWilliams who was cosplaying as Hope Estheim from FFXIII.
John to the right, Sheila on the left

John on the far left and Sheila on the far right.

We got so many pictures taken and even got to take part in a mini gathering where coscom’s own EBK made two female cosplayers transform into the Shiva Sisters Motorcycle from FFXIII.
Can you see Sheila giggling in the background?

More pictures were taken there and then we retired back to the room for the evening. We went got ready for bed and prepared for the day to follow (we were gonna need it)...


Ulquiorra Cifer and Orihime Inoue from Bleach were our cosplays... We spent roughly an hour and a half preparing and getting ready that morning. New white makeup for Sylar's face and body, and a rejuvenated wig for Sheila played a big part in Friday's success.
Sheila doing Sylar's makeup in her wig cap -- Sylar looks like stone!

We left, took the shuttle, and upon arriving at Expo, were ASSAULTED by camera's and fans (it was super overbearing). Posing for immensely long amounts of time (2 hours stuck in the lobby!) became something we were more than skilled at by the end of the day. One picture pose turned into a traffic jam on more than one occasion.
This little Yachiru was so adorable! Her favorite character is Orihime, but she cried when she saw Sylar's 'scary' face D;

Caught on the escalator!

Whoo Fanservice!

We also met up with the Bleach Gathering.

Sylar fighting Ichigo!

Personally one of our favorite days!

Doctor and Dullahan by Aicosu

Debuting his Shinra Cosplay alongside Sheila's “oh-so-sexy” Celty, Sylar had a blast directing the two of us all day long.

Look at that face!

We got stopped just as much (if not more) on Saturday as we did the day before. Sheila had a little trouble with her helmet hurting her head, but she fixed that shortly upon arriving. She couldn't see much, so Sylar pretty much had freedom to do whatever he wanted in pictures!
Us with our favorite Ciel dahowbbit

Kisses in the artist alley!

We laughed and spent a wonderful day together as one of our favorite anime couples! There was a short DRRR Gathering where we met a few other cosplayers – including a male Celty!

Sheila's in the middle -- but that Celty on the left is a man! See Sylar's face for our reaction.

Out of cosplay and comfortably casual, enjoying time with friends and buying everything we wanted from the Vendor’s hall!

Its Sheila's dream to own a figure of every character she cosplays -- and we found Shirley!

Sheila & Sheila :3

We bought an print of one of our favorite characters Ulquiorra, from a favorite artist of Sheila's tobiee You can see the original Deviation here:

Another print we bought -- but who drew it!? We don't remember -- if you know, tell us so we can say a big thank you!

We also bought Project Diva for the psp :3

We took pictures and then packed everything up to leave. One last meal with friends and then heading up to long beach to end our Expo weekend! We loved seeing everyone and making new friends -- seeing great cosplays and enjoying each other. We are sure to try and make it again next year! Thanks everyone!

Other News

Sheila is hard at work putting together a Vocaloid Cafe at Saboten 2010 in October, and getting ready a new rush of Vocaloid cosplays for us -- but be sure to expect some here and there photoshoots and new cosplays between then! A few Code Geass, some Bleach, and some...Naruto!?

:star:Don't forget about our new Kiriban! Screenshot that 5,000 and get a custome cosplay deviation!:star:

Featured Cosplayers

We met so many people at AX that we can't list everyone one, and we've been to busy to notice great work on DA -- so we're just gonna list all our favorite cosplays from AX weeked!

Jet Set Radio Future!!

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption!

Lady Gaga from Paparazzi!

The Dai Li!


Castlevania! Aeon has always been a dream cosplay for Sylar.

See ya next year!

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